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Monterrey has a great culture and history. The city has been developing over the years and today it is a very important business, industrial and economic center. It is rich in spectacular landscapes, green areas and, historical monuments. There are many places that you will love such as El Cerro de la Silla, El Cerro de las Mitras, La Sierra Madre, where you can find its mountainous landscapes, thermal springs and numerous museums. In addition, Conarte bookstore is considered one of the most beautiful on earth according to the Wired magazine.
Do not forget to walk around the ancient neighborhood dating from the 18th century; it is formed by old houses and some of its important streets are stone paved. The attractions in the surroundings of the city of Monterrey are so many and so varied that always, irremediably, you will find yourself wanting to come back for more; especially those who love adventure and frantic pace.


Link Address Av Insurgentes 2500, Vista Hermosa, 64620 Monterrey, N.L. Av. Revolución 2703, Ladrillera, 64830 Monterrey, N.L. Av. Diego Rivera 1000, Zona San Agustín, 66260 San Pedro Garza García, N.L. Av. del Roble 660, Valle del Campestre, 66265 San Pedro Garza García, N.L. Constitución S/N, Centro, 64000 Monterrey, N.L.

Sightseeing in Monterrey and Nearby Areas

What to do in Monterrey
La Huasteca Ecological Park
The most spectacular natural landscapes. Surrounded by the rigid gray walls of stone, feel the air in your face riding an ATV through the Canyon of la Huasteca, discover the Huichol ceremonial site tuck away between the walls of the canyon. Its majesty will overwhelm you from the moment you arrive.
Enjoy the beautiful and challenging ride through the pine forest as you follow the trails and signs to the top, where you can rendezvous with other cyclists at the park facilities and share your stories. 
Explore the park and industrial gardens, walk through the public squares and walkways lined with fountains and manicured gardens. Former industrial remnants have been transformed into green spaces with walkways lined with trees and gardens, reminding us that is possible to revert spaces like these back to natural and recreation areas. Be amazed by its charm.
The Steel Museum – Oven 3 is an interactive science and technology center. Established as a foundry almost 100 years ago, the museum shows the living history of the industrial process of the steel mill and the development of the city. Located inside Fundidora Park, Oven 3 has historical significance for the steel industry and the city.
Be impressed by the contemporary architecture and let yourself be carried away by the exhibition galleries.
Unleash your imagination and engage with the exhibitions in an environment with subtle lighting to enhance the experience. Let your imagination run wild and be inspired by the great works of art.
Enjoy visual and aesthetic tours that nourish the soul.
Nearby Activities 
Linares Museum
This museum is located in a big, old remodeled mansion with a French-style façade. Find rotating exhibitions, enjoy a complete overview of Linares’ history with pieces dating back millions of years to the times of the dinosaurs to nowadays. Enter the welcoming and wide interior courtyard, with fossil remains that tell about the origin of the region’s first inhabitants.  Appreciate the historical significance of events like the Mexican Revolution and learn how these events forged the city’s character.
Villa de Santiago Town
Matacanes is a canyon nestled within the mountains of Cumbres de Monterrey National Park, considered one of the most spectacular sites in the state of Nuevo Leon. Equipped with a helmet, safety harness and lifejacket, walk along a small path to enter the mouth of the canyon and feel a tingle in your belly. Feel how your breathing accelerates when rappelling down alongside a waterfall and enjoy the water falling on your body as a greeting from the canyon.
Cola de Caballo Waterfall
Beautiful waterfall with water that comes downhill from the Sierra Madre Oriental. Its name “Cola de Caballo” (Ponytail) was given because of its great resemblance to the tail of this animal. In the rain season, the waterfall is truly overwhelming, and it’s divided by the mountain forming thin strands of water.
Bioparque Estrella Zoo (Serengeti Safari & Zoo)
Visit the largest theme park in Mexico, a nature reserve of 300 hectares. In Bioparque you can see more than 800 animals of 50 different species of mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish. There are more than 20 attractions where you can be in touch with nature, and feed the animals enjoying the Serengeti Safari.