Setting up an account:

Please try logging in on the desktop link:
1. Go to the conference url & click "sign up here" link under the blue sign in button. If you have not used the app before, the forgot password link will not work because even though you are listed in our conference, you do not have a full account in their system.
2. create a whova account using the email used to register on
3. Once you click sign up, the page should reload and you should then be automatically added to the 2021 conference.
4. If instead you get this pop up:
Please double check the email address matches the one used to register on and there are no spaces or typos.
If you are on your phone & joined using a social media account with a primary email is not the email above (for example, my facebook account it tied to my college .edu email address), and you want to use that instead, please enter invitation code: [look in your Whova invite email, sender:] & then email the new email you would like to use so that you do not have 2 accounts in whova.

Watching the session

In order to watch the conference sessions, you must be logged into the whova app. We strongly recommend doing this on a computer using the chrome browser.
Click on the ‘agenda’, second option from the top on the left-hand menu. Then navigate to today’s date & click on the session you want to watch.
The zoom links for the conference will only be available in Whova. They are hidden until 10 minutes before a session begins .
To a screen with 2 join options:
1. white button: join in the browser (recommend using Chrome)
2. blue button: join in the zoom app, will load the session in the zoom app on your computer.

When you click one of the join buttons, you will then be prompted to log into your zoom account if you are not already logged in.
To make this process easy, log into zoom on your local computer with a personal zoom account first. If you use a college or corporate zoom account managed/administered by an IT department, you may not be able to authorize the whova app to work with your zoom account.
If you are not logged into zoom, you will see a series of login screens that pop up over the whova web browser:
First click in the sign into zoom data field:
This pop up window then will let you enter your zoom login information. Your zoom account does not need to match your whova email, but it might be the same.
If you usually sign in with google or facebook, you will need to expand this popup window so that you can click on those options:
Note: if you are using a school or corporate account, “sign in with SSO”, you may not be authorized to use whova with your zoom account. You should try logging in with a personal zoom account first.
After signing in, you will be placed in the meeting’s waiting room for breakout sessions. For most of the plenary webinars, you will go directly into the session
Once you are in the meeting, the zoom window will appear in view area in the whova web app.
You have the same zoom controls as in the zoom computer interface.
For example, you can change the speaker layout for your screen (upper right corner) and you can access the participant controls, reactions, chat, participant list, simultaneous interpretation (for the sessions where we have translation) on the bottom menu bar.
If you are having bandwidth or audio issues, you can click the blue “Join in Zoom” button. This will close the zoom session in your browser & open the zoom meeting automatically on your computer. It will require you to sign in & be put back in the waiting room.

To unmute:

Click on the microphone icon in the lower left-hand corner. Then click ‘ok’ on this pop up
This will give a pop up to the moderators. They will then give you permission & you will need to click unmute in the next pop up (screenshot below) to speak. If it was an accident, click stay muted.

Other tips

  • Set up your profile so that people can recognize you & find you online to connect. Click on your name, and then My Profile in the upper right hand corner.
    Then on the profile page, click the pencil icon to edit each section. The profile is public to all attendees. Please only save the information you are comfortable sharing.
  • Scroll through the “Ask Organizers Anything” thread under the community section for FAQs and other tips. This is the pinned thread with the green icon:
For example, in this screenshot there is an example of how to save agenda items to your google or outlook calendar.
  • Check out sessions hosted by other conference attendees in the yellow “Meet-ups & Virtual Meets” area
  • Any attendee can host their own virtual meetup. Please do not schedule an event during the actual conference Friday or Saturday
After clicking the blue suggest a meet button, you will then select virtual meet & then enter the meet up information. If you do not have a zoom account or google hangout you want to use to host the meeting, you can host the meeting with video conferencing built into the whova app under the Virtual meeting options drop down menu.
  • If you are having trouble logging onto the web app, but you are logged in on your phone, go to any event on the agenda & click “Watch on Desktop” under Virtual Access. The app will email you a link. If you click on that link on a computer, the app will open up in your default browser (with you logged in) and take you to that session.